5 Ways to Get Ninja Training and Study the Ancient Japanese Martial Art of Ninjutsu

Many people are looking to learn the ancient Japanese art of Ninjutsu – the martial art of the Ninja, but they just don’t know where to start or what their options are. Even today, with the advent of the internet and the availability of media that was not known in ancient times, the art of the Ninja is still not easy to find.

Here are 5 ways to get training in the art of the ninja in the 21st century.

1) Dojo Training. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has a Ninja training dojo (“training hall”) or even a shibu (“training group”), you can enroll into one of their programs. While there are vastly more ninja dojo than there were when I began training in 1980, you still won’t find them as convenient as a Tae kwon do school.

2) Seminars & Camps. This is actually how many students get their training. If you don’t live near or have the ability to relocate to an area with a Ninja dojo, this is a great option. Over the course of a couple of days of intense training, you can actually pick up more techniques than the student who trains “full-time.”

3) Private coaching. If you have the means, you could make arrangements with a teacher to be available for private training based on your schedule. Arrangements can often be made to travel to the teacher’s dojo for a day to several days, or if possible, you could even arrange to bring the teacher to you!

4) Books, dvds, and online courses. While never the same as actual live training with a teacher, resources like books, videos, and even online training courses can give you a solid foundation to fill in the gaps or keep you going in-between live training sessions.

5) Travel to Japan. Again, if the opportunity arose and you were able to arrange your time, work schedule, family life, and finances, you could travel to Japan for some direct study with the master teachers. Many senior instructors in the art arrange training trips that you could join. This way, you would have the benefit of a tour guide and mentor at the same time, instead of having to figure things out once you got there.

Training in the art of ninjutsu is not easy. It takes work, commitment, dedication, and above all, a sense of purpose. Even with these 5 sources of training, it is ultimately up to you as to what you learn, the skills you develop, and how far you go.

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