6 Baby Steps for Content Writers Going Through a Bad Phase in Their Personal Lives

Content writing and personal crisis! Ah, this can be the worst combination ever. Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

Our professional life is sandwiched between personal agonies and crises; bad break ups, divorces, loss of loved ones and so on. Bad phase in personal lives undoubtedly takes a toll on our professional life.

One of the professions most adversely affected by such crises is that of a content writer’s. You may be a web content writer, ad copy writer, technical writer, blog writer or a travel writer. You are into a profession which accords centrality to creativity and the ability to ideate. You may find it difficult to devote yourself completely to content writing or creative writing as your mental space is taken over by personal worries.

Colleagues in your workplace may be sympathetic in the beginning. But if these personal worries are taking a lifetime to settle they might get a little uneasy with you. Believe me, they are not being mean; they mean business. They have contents writing projects in queue to be delivered.

Do these questions haunt you?

  1. Do I have to chuck my dreams of becoming a skilled SEO content writer, or the team lead of a technical writing crew?
  2. Will the content writing projects piled on my desktop go unattended?

Or at its worst

  1. Should I put an end to my career as a creative ad copy writer or a blog writer?
  2. Are those travel writings I enjoyed to my heart’s content gone forever?

The answer is NO! You can start from where you stopped in your career as a content writer. You can even use the insights you gained through these personal crises to enhance your content writing and copy writing skills. For that what you have to do is very simple; hence they are called baby steps (BS).

BS 1: Don’t be hard on yourself: Blaming or beating yourself for what happened can help you neither with your life nor with your writing career. The first step is getting out of the denial mode and embrace self acceptance. What is happening is happening. Acceptance is the only practical way out of out of ‘got stuck situations’.

BS 2: Set your targets: With self acceptance come targets. This means, you have to set certain dos and don’ts for your content writing career. For example, set a target that you will write a particular amount of words, no matter what happens. That helps to keep your spirits and motivation up.

BS 3: Try new things: You heard me right: try new things every day in your life, both professional and personal. Newness enhances creativity. For example, if you are a web content writer but never tried blog writing, try writing a small blog post for yourself. If your project lead asks you to attempt an avenue you never tried before, don’t shy away. Take the plunge!

BS 4: Keep yourself busy, set some time apart for yourself: Set yourself small targets, continuously. For example: “By 11.30 I will finish the first part of article writing” and “By 2.45 I will send the case study to my project lead” “I will read 10 pages of this novel before going to bed”. In the night, pick three novels and start reading them. Write such targets and post it on your cabinet, bedroom wall and kitchen.

BS 5: Keep a journal: Go to the nearest bookshop, get yourself a journal or a diary. This should be small so that you can keep it in your pocket or bag. Scribble everything that comes to your mind. Later when you have cooled down, go through those writings and turn them to personal blog posts. Keep writing. Simple or silly, keep writing.

BS 6: Reward yourself: Go on a “me-date” if you achieve a target you set for yourself. Get yourself chocolate fudge, or go to a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of steaming coffee reading a book. Cover yourself with care. With these six simple baby steps you can get out of the stalemate you are in now in your content writing career.

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