7 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney

Millions of people visit Disney world every year but how much do you actually know about the company?It is definitely a huge company but do you know everything about the massive mouse led company?

1. Disney owns and operates eleven theme parks and several television networks. Their resort in Florida is one of the worlds most popular theme parks but Disney actually owns another 10 theme parks and 11 TV channels as well as a Radio station called….Radio Disney.

2. In 2008 Disney had a net income of nearly 8,500 million dollars! That income came from the 5 Disney income streams of Walt Disney studio entertainments, Disney consumer products, Walt disney parks and resorts, Disney media networks and the Walt Disney internet groups. The Disney media networks were the biggest earners, earning a whopping 4,900 million dollars.

3. Disney world resort in Florida was the second Disney park and sits in its own city and consists of 7 parks. Although it wasn’t the first resort it is by far the most popular.

4. Walt Disney land in Paris is a complete financial flop and due to this fact the planned MGM studios Europe was canceled just 6 months before work was due to begin.

5. Walt Disney world in Florida has a massive network of underground tunnels that link all areas of the resort together. These tunnels allow staff and officials to travel the park quickly and without disturbing the guests.

6.Walt Disney imagineering is also known as WED Enterprises and is responsible for coming up with all of Disney’s new concepts. WED is obviously Walt Disney’s initials.

7. Walt himself never saw Disney world in Florida. He died the year that construction began. Since opening day the park has only closed for 5 disastrous events.

The next time you visit the magic kingdom or are sat watching the Disney channel just think of these facts that you know that the person next to you probably doesn’t know.

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