A Complete Flying Experience of Air China Airline

Air China is known around the world for its huge fleet size and as one of the most favoured airlines for international travel. It is the flagship airline of China and has its headquarters established in the district of Shunyi in Beijing. Most of its domestic as well as international operations take place from Beijing Capital International Airport. This airline, established in 1988, is a member of Star Alliance, which is a global association of airlines. The average load factor of this carrier for the year 2012 was estimated to be at 80 per cent with a total of over 72 million global and domestic passengers.


Air China airline has a fleet of international standards, and it was not long back when it featured among the top ten carriers in the world in terms of fleet size. The aircraft in its fleet has an average of nearly 6.5 years, which is regarded to be ideal as per industry standards. It has various makes of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, which are regarded as the best manufacturers of aircraft. Currently, it has a working fleet of more than 300 models with orders of over 150 more in the pipeline.

Destinations – Domestic, International and Code shared

This carrier has an extensive global network around the world with its presence at popular airports in North and South America, Europe, a significant portion of Asia and Australia. Apart from this, it also provides scheduled flights to a number of local provinces inside the country. Furthermore, it has a codeshare partnership with more than 25 other airlines around the world including popular names like All Nippon Airways (ANA), Lufthansa, Finnair and US Airways. As a result, it reaches to a host of other destinations around the world with its codeshare partners.

Baggage Allowance on its Flights

Air China has certain rules and regulations regarding the checked baggage on its aircraft, just like other global carriers. The weight of a checked bag, which is to be tagged and carried in the hold of any aircraft of this carrier should be more than 2 kg. The maximum limit of the baggage for international flights should not be normally more than 32 kg. However, if the landing airport permits, it can be over 32 kg up to a maximum of 45, subject to meeting the requirements. Apart from this, the total sum of all dimensions should be between 60 and 203 cm for all checked luggage.

Phoenix Miles – Loyalty Program for Air China Fliers

The carrier has a dedicated loyalty program with the name Phoenix Miles, which aims to provide its frequent fliers with additional advantages and benefits. The miles flown by travellers on its aircraft are counted after getting registered in this program. Once a certain prefixed number of miles are surpassed, travellers are given certain advantages like discounts and lucrative offers on every subsequent flight. Apart from this, customers are also treated as esteemed members of the airline and special amenities are offered to them. Book a flight of this airline and enjoy a memorable experience aboard its flights to different destinations around the world.

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