A Little About Instant Travel Loans & More About Vietnam-Cambodia


Your honeymoon is undoubtedly the most significant holiday in your life for obvious reasons. At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, this is the first vacation you are going to enjoy as a couple and this is one chance for you to simply splash out and live the carefree way with that special someone. You have the entire ‘lonely planet’ to take your pick from (which of course depends on your budget and convenience).

Our suggestion of the week is Vietnam and Cambodia. Not only are they home to some of the most stunning yet unexplored landscapes, but one can also travel here on a shoestring budget without compromising on comfort. If you are worried about the finances, you can always apply for instant travel loans.

On exploring Vietnam and Cambodia:

Vietnam and Cambodia offers an uncanny combo of tranquility and cultural interest on a platter. Across the two places, many of the wondrous sites you have heard of (like Angkor Wat) are awaiting your exclamations of joy and incredulity.

Vietnam’s unusual shape implies that it owns unimaginable diversity of landscapes. Perhaps the most breathtaking and sought-after are the Central Highlands, which is of course situated towards the middle of the nation. Rolling grasslands and misty peaks occasionally studded with staggeringly white waterfalls cascading down thunderously, all cloaked by clear blue skies, Vietnam is indeed a place to be lost in each other as well as go off the radar. You may be hard-pressed to find the place teeming with other tourists anyway. We recommend you short and long drives, a fine way to feast your eyes on the expansive stretches of coffee plantations. If you are planning to hike, beware of wild bears wandering about, not to mention gibbons and elephants (particularly when you move from one forest to another). Do not miss the regal Da Lat, a former French mountain retreat center that seems to float dreamily amidst fluffy clouds and thick mists.

Cambodia, whose gorgeous scenery includes low-lying plains and highlands, the Mekong Delta, and the Gulf of Thailand, is now a preferred honeymoon destination. The first place to explore is the capital city, Phnom Penh with its dazzling Royal Palace, art deco Central Market and the centuries’ old exhibits in National Museum. The doorway to the exquisite and ancient shrines of Angkor Wat and the quaint town of Siem Reap, Cambodia has plenty more to offer visitors unless you are time-crunched and want to visit only the esteemed Khmer temples more than 600 years old. It is best to explore these places at the crack of dawn as you can see these reverent edifices in all their glory at that time. Being a French colony has given the place an interesting dash of appeal to its culture and lifestyle.

Summing it up:

Is there a way to gauge the success of a honeymoon? There is, if you can tell the world how relaxed and stress-free you were when travel-planning, which left you enough time to focus on having quality time together. Do you think these places fit the bill? Then just book the tickets and pack your bags.

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