Affordable Luxury Vacation Membership Created With You in Mind

If you are looking for an affordable luxury vacation membership, Global Resorts Network has the solution you are looking for. Whether you become a Platinum member, who can book unlimited vacations at luxury vacation resorts, or a Gold member with 3 weeks vacation per year for the next three years, you can enjoy luxury vacation online booking at some of the finest luxury resorts in the world.

Your affordable luxury vacation membership will more than pay for itself, if you are a person who loves to travel and enjoys the opportunity to visit the top vacation destinations around the world. Because you will pay $298 per week and up or $398 per week for Gold members, your stay is still far below what the retail price of many of these luxury vacation resorts would charge, even if you factor in your membership price.

Global Resort Networks is able to negotiate prices far below market and wholesale prices because of the volume of their travelers that enjoy luxury accommodations. They have negotiated with over 5,000 resorts all over the world in some of the most exotic and desirable locations including golf luxury resorts. Whether you want to visit Portugal, Australia or Hawaii, you will find lavish accommodations at 4 and 5 star resorts.

If you only need a weekend getaway, you can use your membership for that as well. While the program is based on 7 night and 8 day weeks, Global Resort Networks has negotiated wholesale prices on shorter term visits, as well. If you have dreamed of visiting some of the world’s top luxury resorts, you can use your affordable luxury vacation membership to browse the resorts, find the one you want and conveniently enjoy the benefit of online booking.

Of course, our 20 years in the industry has made our staff experts in luxury resort travel and they can personally help you with your travel needs, as well. In fact, many of our satisfied members point out the staff’s superior customer service as part of the reason they enjoy the benefits of belonging to Global Resort Networks.

Having the opportunity to visit Michigan luxury resorts that most people just dream of is the other reason many of our members join. It is cost effective because the affordable luxury vacation membership more than pays for itself, if you use it for the maximum benefit you are entitled to.

For example, a Gold membership entitles you to three weeks, or 21 nights of vacation per year, at $1495. If you use your three weeks at $398 per week, the weekly resort fee is $1194. The membership of $1495 and weekly resort fee of $1194, comes to a total of $2689, which is the equivalent of $128 per night for your 21 nights at the resorts of your choice. You can’t even stay at a limited service hotel for that in many locations. We are talking about 4 and 5 star luxury vacation resorts in the world’s top destinations, some of them inclusive!

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