Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo – A Survivor and Must See on Your Alabama Vacation

In June of 1989 The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo opened its doors the public. The zoo beginning was a humble one and was the result of a donation by the Ward family. In 1991 the family donated 17 acres of prime gulf coast real estate for the establishment of the zoo. The gesture of unimaginable kindles launched the park into one of Alabama’s top tourist attractions, drawing children and adults alike to it’s plethora of animals

Over 300 species will entertain you and your family as you walk the recently expanded park trails and pathways. From bears and monkeys, to lions, lizards, and birds, you’ll find pretty much everything you’d want to see here at this quaint coastal zoo.

Over the course of its lifetime the zoo has survived many grave challenges. After a direct hit from Hurricane Ivan the zoo suffered over a half million dollars in damages. Though through countless hours of hard work and the dedication of dozens of zoo staff members and volunteers the zoo was fixed and reopened. Just as the zoo was returning to normal operation disaster struck again in the form of Hurricane Katrina, ravaging the zoo and its animal population. Though once again “the little zoo that could” survived, rebuilt, and is now reopened yet again!

The zoo is truly a testament to humanities generosity and love of animals. The small zoo, which started as nothing more than one family’s donation, has evolved into a fantastic attraction. From the hundreds of animals and family friendly walking trails to the stocked gift shop and bountiful variety of restaurants, well in short, you’re going to love this zoo!

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