An Thrilling Excursion to the Isle of Wight Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo is the residence for a wide range of animals being big cats, primates, birds and reptiles. Do you know that it is a fact that the biggest collection of tigers in Britain is that of the stock held at Isle of Wight Zoo? And this collection is becoming bigger and bigger as the breeding programme expands. This of course is a good sign, as it is obviously a place where these extraordinary beautiful animals feel safe and comfortable with their habitat.

The Zoo has been taking care of tigers over 25 years. During which time, the Zoo has received many awards and prizes. These accolades prove that the Zoo’s highest mission is to the Tigers and a great responsibility is owed to them. An important factor that we would like to highlight is that all the animals live in conditions of natural and wild beauty. This in turn encourages them to behave naturally. You are offered a rare chance to visit The Tiger Sanctuary, Lemurland, and Nature’s Nightmares or the recently opened Kanha area. If you have got any questions, or interested in animal life or want to organise a school excursion, you are free to ask any your questions of the Education Officer. He is only to happy and ready to help.

As you know from above that Isle of Wight Zoo is the perfect place for the big cats` groups like tigers, lions, pumas, jaguars, cheetahs, leopards etc. Recently a new and winning breeding programme was launched. Also a new centre for supporting the big cats was opened.

This allows them to go deeper and deeper in the necessary facets for breeding, research and training the people who will have a duty will to help the natural processes and to be their to give active support for the rescued animals` unit. Another arena from the animal world also needs our help. Exotic reptiles, spiders, insects and amphibians often require help. Do you feel shivers down your spine even with just the names of these creatures being mentioned? I know it is difficult for us to imagine them sliding or crawling into your bed just like a cuddly pet.

But, if you really want to understand and get to know many facts about these species, come and learn about them at the Isle of Wight Zoo. Your fears and panic will be replaced with a portion of knowledge and may indeed help you to become more at home with them. In addition to that the Isle of Wight Zoo being the home of big cats, it is also widely known for its super collection of primates. There are four lemurs from Madagascar who live and feel themselves at home in their own Lemurland. Lemurland has been set up in order to draw society’s attention to save these unique animals. The first lemurs arrived at the Isle of Wight in 1990.

Two conservation campaigns have been created for supporting these rare animals whilst they are at risk. There are also many species of monkeys. The Isle of Wight Zoo makes all its animals feel safe.

Being a keeper at the Isle of Wight Zoo is the great job. The Zoo Keepers have a very important mission. Our surrounding nature is our life, thus it is people` s duty to keep and save it. Not to destroy and not to do harm to birds and beasts- these are the mottos of the Isle of Wight Zoo campaigns. It is a big responsibility to pass our beautiful planet to our children. There are many points of local interest on the IOW.

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