Austin is Safe But Not Always From Pests

Austin, Texas is the capital of the state and the county seat of Travis County. It is also the fourth largest city in Texas, making it the fifteenth largest in the country. The city has received a number of titles and awards, including: being named the #2 Best Big City in 2006 and then at #3 in 2009 by Money Magazine, the Greenest City in America by MSN, #2 for Best People by CNN Headline News and Travel and Leisure Magazine, the #1 college town by the Travel Channel and finally as the Least Stressful Large Metro Area by Forbes Magazine in 2009. It is also in the top ten of safest cities as ranked by the FBI. The motto for the city- frequently seen on billboards, bumper stickers and tee shirts is “Keep Austin Weird”.

Weird but not Infested

While the motto might refer to the eclectic tastes of the many residents of the city of Austin, there are few that think that it should extend to home invading pests including insects and rodents. With the hot and humid conditions of Texas, the pests that might invade the typical Austin home could include:

– Ants and termites

– Bees and wasps

– Roaches

– Spiders

– Snakes

– Rats and mice

Dealing with Pests in a Not Weird Way

Trying to get rid of pests using do it yourself methods or products might sound like a fitting idea for Austin, but it is simply a waste of time and money. In the long run, it is far better to leave the pest control to the professionals and save the weirdness for other areas of your life.

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