Blue Mountain Jamaica is Becoming More Popular

Blue Mountain Jamaica

The highest point is Blue Mountain, Jamaica and the peak stands at 7,402 feet and its summit can be accessed easily using the walking track. Certainly the best time to go to the summit is when the weather is good on a clear day when there are no clouds in the sky from its summit you can see an outline of the island of Cuba.

The mountain has got its name from the mists which are continually surrounding it and give it a bluish tinge. The whole range lies on the eastern side of the island and is 28 miles long and 12 miles wide. Driving you should be able to reach the summit in less than an hour but walking will take several. Plus as temperatures drop quite drastically you need to make sure that you take with you or wear some good warm clothing.

As you wander up from the base of the mountain you will pass through many coffee growing areas and this is where Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee comes from. Today the coffee produced on these mountains slopes is considered to be one of the best gourmet coffees that you can buy today. But it is not only coffee that is produced on the mountains slopes also spices and vegetables as well.

Most of the coffee that is now grown here is not on estates but rather on small plots that are cared for by local farmers. But because they do not get paid much for actually selling their beans to the big coffee producers many elect to roast and sell their beans themselves. If looking to buy some good quality blue mountain coffee during your stay take a trip to Kingston-Buff Bay Road.

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