Camp Like a Champ: Where Have These Camping Supplies Been All of Your Life?

It’s an American summer tradition: pack the car, load up the kids, and sing some old tunes on the way to go rough it in the woods. Lots of technological progress has taken place since you learned how to use a compass, and believe it or not, there are new and innovative camping supplies that make the great outdoors even greater.

Pack it Right

Any good camping supply pack starts with the pack itself. Find a light, durable backpack with many sections, padded shoulder straps, and reflective stripes. Many are designed for electronics with headphone holes and speakers. Based on the kind of camping you’re doing, consider one that features water-resistant material, chest or waist straps, or extra cords for attaching equipment. You’ll thank yourself later.

Recharge in your Tent

After a long day, all you want to do is get some rest, browse through photos of your adventures, and put on your “under the stars” playlist. There are a variety of pop-up tents designed to keep you and your electronics safe and powered up, complete with solar panels, LED lighting, and even Wi-Fi. Rechargeable and solar USB battery packs are affordable and handy to keep you charged throughout the day.

Get in Gear

Now that you have the right foundation for your travels, you need to be sure to bring the right camping supplies. In case you’ve been actually living under a rock for the past few years, you might want to check out some of this new outdoor technology:

– Waterproof and fire resistant blankets, backpacks, clothing, and electronics

– Portable radios, coolers, heaters, air conditioners, and washing machines

– Quick-inflating air mattresses, pillows, and pads

– Collapsible barbecues and stoves, pots, kettles, sinks, chairs, and cots

– Tiny cameras, speakers, torches, lanterns, and blankets

– Many-in-one gadgets with tools including a flashlight, compass, first aid kit, wire saw, and emergency whistle

– Personal hygiene products like towel-sized wet wipes or portable showers

– Tents that hang from trees, assemble taller than standing height, or stretch out to the size of a subway train

– A wealth of new options for coffee and wine connoisseurs as well as campers with kids and pets

– Wacky but useful contraptions like a solar-powered fridge and clothes that turn into a sleeping bag and tent

Purify, Hydrate and Refuel

Hydration is the first safety precaution; it keeps you awake and alert better than coffee. Always pack your travel purification system and consider water backpacks. For food, dehydrated or freeze-dried options have the best shelf life, and there are many MRE (meals ready-to-eat) options that are tastier than ever.

Get Centered and Expect the Unexpected

Regardless of where you are headed, your camping supplies should include survival gear. In addition to an emergency preparedness kit with first aid, be sure to pack a GPS system. Some new GPS systems boast features including hunting and fishing options, moon phase guides, sunrise alerts, weather sensors, barometers, thermometers, compasses, AM/FM/SW/LW radios, Bluetooth, walkie-talkies, solar charging, and low battery consumption.

Now that you’re ready to hit the road, your toughest challenge will likely be forcing yourself back home!

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