Cleveland Metropark Zoo: What to Expect

A zoo is where people can see different kinds of animal species being displayed to the public and in which they may also be raised. In fact, it is considered as one of the most visited spot all over the world; almost all countries have at least one. For instance, in North Eastern Ohio, the Cleveland Metro Park is regarded as the largest must-see zoo in the country. It is divided into 5 geographical regions:

Cleveland Metropark Zoo Rainforest. This section has its own two story building in which the animals reside. Moreover, it has its own false rainfalls and trees in which animals could somewhat experience a real rainforest. If you want a peek on those leopards, anteaters, crocodiles, fish, and turtles, you can proceed to the ground floor. On the other hand, anacondas, pythons, orangutans, birds, and bats are located on the 2nd level.

Cleveland Zoo African Savanna. Be a veterinarian for a day by checking in to this museum’s section. Interact with lions, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, rhinoceros, and flamingos in this area.

Northern Trek. If you seek entertainment with your family and loved ones, you may want to visit the Northern Trek region where you can find polar bears, wolves, tigers, reindeers, and seals. You can feed them or let them sing for you.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Australian Adventure. You can take a ride on a train from a walkabout. Check out the koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and native sheep and goats in this section.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Primates, Cats and Aquatics. If you’re into apes, cats and aquatic life such as piranhas, fish, shark and lemur, no doubt, you will enjoy a walk in this zoo section. This is also considered one of the toughest area to go all the way through. For that reason, the zoo offered tram to the visitors for them to enjoy the animals as well as the sights.

Cleveland Metroparks also have a Waterfowl Lake where adults and kids are able to feed, play and touch the animals with a personnel’s assistance. Not just that, as technology evolves, the Cleveland zoo have its Robotics Dinosaurs’ attraction that shows a lot of useful information about dinosaurs. Furthermore, Cleveland Metro Park has its own Amphitheater in which you can see another entertaining experience by Professor Wylde’s after an almost perfect day tour.

The zoo offers boundless packages for adults and kids for reasonable price. For tickets and inquires feel free to visit Cleveland Metropark Zoo website.

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