Discover the Adventurous Charm of Nepal

Every destination or country in the world comprises some significant facets. These aspects stand them apart from others. Nepal is one of the most distinct lands which do not have one or some aspects. Every facet of Nepal is momentous. We are going to talk about those aspects of Nepal that attracts the tourist. Nepal has been embellished with innumerable things. This is the first aspect which a tourist looks for during their holidays. Nepal’s territory has been profoundly rich in legendary history, religious ideologies, intricate architectural designs and exotic natural resources. Every region of this astounding nation has been so affluent in tourist attractions that it gets difficult to categorize the best among all.

Nepal is a country which is simple on one hand and adventurous on the other. It affirms to be a paradox with two complete distinct aspects. Nepal comprises the most elevated mountain peak of the world – Mt. Everest which stands tall at the highest altitude. Not just the first, Nepal houses the third highest mountain peak – Kanchenjunga too. With such alluring facets, Nepal affirms to be the most striking mountain region of the world. The picturesque percentage of this country is at supreme level which breaks all records. The spectacular hills, literally touching the sky, look amazing with clouds that seem to cover them like a shroud. The nature seems to be at its best with these glorious mountains. Some incredible vistas can be witnessed here at the blink of an eye.

The exclusive mountain range of Nepal is not only famous for the bewitching natural splendor but also for the adventurous terrain. It is a paradise for the Mountaineers. People who love snow-capped mountains have the best time here. The place boasts innumerable activities that are filled with adventure. Mountaineering, Paragliding, Mountain biking, Bungee jumping, Rock climbing, Skiing, Hiking, Ice skating, Canoeing and Kayaking are some of the classic mountain activities that are conducted here to quench the thirst of adventure lovers. Wildlife safaris, Whitewater rafting, horse riding and fossil hunting are some other adventure options that Nepal bestows to its travelers.

This was the adventurous part of Nepal. The other simple part is about relaxation and rejuvenation. Nepal is considered to be the birth place of Buddha. Buddha was born at the time where there was no territory on the land. There were small kingdoms. Kapilvastu was the kingdom where Buddha was born. The place, now known as Lumbini, comes under the territory of Nepal. However, the exact place of birth is still unknown.

Buddha being born in Nepal made a great impact on its culture and ethnicity. The religious practices, which are followed here, have been influenced from both Indian Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. There are a lot of significant Buddhist destinations here. Lumbini is considered to be the supreme destination in Nepal in terms of Buddhist pilgrimages. It affirms to be a perfect destination to come across one’s own spiritual self and attain a rejuvenated soul.

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