Distinguish Genuine Chinese Visa From a Fake

China is becoming a popular tourism, education, and business destination. It is not surprising that many people now intend to apply for a Chinese visa because of their plans to soon drop by and check out the Asian country. In many countries, there have been reports of cases that involve fake China visas. Many agencies and unscrupulous individuals are aiming to defraud other people by issuing counterfeit or fake visas.

You should always be careful when applying for and getting your own China visa. If you would not be careful and cautious, you would end up getting a fake visa. In the end, you would be denied entry to the country. How could you possibly spare yourself from being victimized by those fakers? You need to make sure your visa is genuine and real. Here are some ways.

General observations

You could easily tell whether your Chinese visa is genuine or fake. You may not need to use a special machine or technique to do so. By examining the physical features of the visa, you could easily determine whether it is a fake or not. Always remember that a fake visas almost always get more rough in texture compared to a real one. The handwriting is usually illegible, even the signature. The seal is blurred. Fakers almost always commit errors on attachments to the visa pages. Normally, the visa is always fixed on the visa page.

You may check the validity or genuineness of your Chinese visa by comparing its overall appearance and features to the appearance of other people’s China visas. If you know someone who owns one, you may ask that person to show you his or her visa so you could compare how different yours is from the original one.

It is also ideal and wise to consult issuing organizations especially those that are authorized to release Chinese visas. If there is a Chinese embassy or consulate office in your area, you may have them check if the visa issued to you is genuine or fake. Do that especially if you have suspicions that you have been victimized by fakers. The authorities could help you better distinguish the overall validity of your visa.

How to avoid fakers

At this point, you should strive harder to spare yourself from being victimized by fakers who issue counterfeit or fake Chinese visas. You could avoid being issued with a fake visa if you would be more careful. To avoid fake visas, it is most recommended if you would apply for a China through the Chinese Embassy or consulate in your area. You could be sure the China visas to be issued by any of such offices is genuine and would be recognized in the country.

If you prefer to apply for a China through a travel agency, be more careful. Opt to deal only with a reputable and reliable travel agency, which has been processing visas for some time now. If your travel agency is reliable and trustworthy enough, for sure, it has already issued numerous visas in the past, which are all genuine and not fake. You may get feedback or recommendations from other people who have been processing Chinese visas from the same travel agency.

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