Dog Motorcycle Travel – Pets Love to Ride

Dog motorcycle travel is not only possible, it is easy and a lot of fun! Just a few years ago, traveling with a dog on a motorcycle was a difficult, if not impossible, prospect. There just were not any good options for carrying your pooch with you on your bike. That meant that Rover had to stay home whenever you went out for a ride. That was a sad situation for everyone, since Rover would have loved to come with you.

Fortunately, your precious pup can ride to his hearts content nowadays. There are plenty of sturdy and stylish dog motorcycle travel carriers for you to choose from. These carriers can attach to the back or side of your bike, and are designed to keep your dog safe and secure during even the wildest of rides.

You can also carry your small dog on you while you are riding. Small-sized dogs can be placed in special doggy backpacks or front packs that allow them to go anywhere you go. Hey, just look at Paris Hilton and you will see that dogs are now the must-have fashion accessory!

Dog motorcycle travel does not have to be any more difficult than traveling with your dog in a car or on a plane. With all the carrier options available to you today, there is no reason why your dog can not go everywhere with you. In fact, that is exactly what your dog wants. As your official best friend, he is the happiest when he is right by your side (or riding on your back!). Whether you are just going across town to the park or taking an extensive trip to some exotic, far away location, there are travel carriers and other dog travel gear that will allow you to bring along your best canine pal in comfort, safety, and style at any time of the year.

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