Dudley Museum and Art Gallery – A Fascinating Attraction

Dudley is a charming city in England which is dotted with attractions; at the same time, it has that typical old fashioned British touch about it that cannot be ignored. Known as the birth place of Manchester United’s much-loved footballer Duncan Edwards, Dudley is also home to the Black Country Living Museum which was built in 1978.

The Dudley Zoo is another tourist attraction where you will also be able to find the ruins of the Dudley Castle. Visitors should not forget to pay a visit to the Dudley Art Deco Cinema and the Dudley Museum and Art Gallery while in the city. Those in search of an evening of fascinating discoveries should head to Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve where you will get a chance to examine a few interesting fossilized creatures and discover why this nature reserve is classified as a site of special scientific interest.

The Dudley Museum and Art Gallery was built in 1883 and houses several collections of art, fossils, geological exhibits and various memorabilia. The museum is most famous for its collection related to natural history. This section of the museum is divided in to three main parts. Dudley Unearthed is where visitors will find fascinating exhibits related to the topic of geology and volcanic history of the region. Fantastic Fossils displays a variety of shellfish, corals, cephalopods, gastropods, crinoids and trilobites. Return of the Dinosaurs is by far on of the most popular exhibits in the museum which showcases models of dinosaurs such as Thecodontosaurus and Baryonyx. The Brook Robinson Museum and Duncan Edwards and Local Heroes exhibits are among the local favorites at the site. The Dudley Museum and Art Gallery is also home to a rare collection of fine paintings which adds to its allure.

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