Free and Discount Admission to the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo offers free days and discount passes so that everyone can have a chance to experience a memorable encounter with the scaly, furry, and feathered critters at the Houston attraction.

The zoo is closed on Christmas and has cut back on the number of other holidays when the admission is free. They had to do a little belt tightening at the zoo, so their 4500 animals can get plenty to eat and the proper care they need.

The current list of holidays when the Houston Zoo is free are:

President’s Day

New Years Day


Columbus Day

Friday after Thanksgiving

What’s Not Free At The Zoo

Don’t expect to see everything the zoo has to offer for free. There are some special exhibit at the Houston attraction that aren’t available to holiday visitors. So, be prepared to shell out a few bucks if you really want the kids to see them.

The free admission also does not include any of the educational programs, the miniature train or motorized scooter rentals.

They are open from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. on holidays, so if you plan to take advantage of a free day at the Houston Zoo, you better get there early, to avoid the big crowds.

Free Admission For Families Receiving SNAPS

If you are not able to round-up your family on holidays to visit the zoo. Here’s another way that you can obtain free admission to the Houston attraction.

If your family is currently a recipient of SNAPS via the Lone Star Card, you can visit the Houston Zoo free any day of the week. You will need to bring two important things.

A current award letter from SNAPS (Texas food stamp program)

A photo ID (Texas Drivers License or Texas Department of Public Safety photo ID card)

There is a limit of 5 persons per visit (2 adults/3 children living in the same household) and the Lone Star Card holder must accompany their party.

How It Works

The card holder must present a valid award letter along with a photo ID at the ticket booth to receive their tickets.

Tickets are only issued the day of the zoo visit. The SNAPS free admission to the Houston Zoo provides limited access to the zoo and does not apply to their lecture series, stroller rental or other ticketed special events.

However, there is no limit on the number of times you and your family can visit the zoo using a SNAPS award letter.

Discount Pass For The Houston Zoo

A discount pass for the zoo is the best bang for your buck. You can save valuable time by purchasing the Houston Citypass booklet online. It will give you access to the exciting Houston Zoo and your choice of 5 other must-see Houston attractions.

Space Center Houston

Downtown Aquarium

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Children’s Museum of Houston

George Historical Ranch

The Health Museum

If you miss out on the free visits, getting the discount passes for the Houston Zoo is the best option. Plus your family will be delighted by 5 other incredible, new and fresh Houston attractions that will edu-tain them.

The best part is that your Houston Citypass saves you nearly half off the regular ticket price and lets you skip most ticket lines, leaving more time for your family to enjoy, explore and experience lots of fantastic places in Houston.

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