Free and Easy Travel Guide – Singapore

Day 1: Shopping at Orchard Road

Your shopping adventure in Singapore should ideally start at Orchard Road. After all, this is where everything is – upscale boutiques, fresh and fun fashion for the teens, hardware and electrical items for the men. If you are tired of walking about, you can even stop at one of the many cafes and restaurants peppered around this most famous of streets. From arcades to cineplexes, spas to department stores, Orchard Road definitely has everything you need and more. The only downside would be that you would probably need more than one day just to get your fill of shopping. Something you should take note of is that most department stores close at 11:00 p.m. on Saturdays so that is additional time for your optimum shopping pleasure.

Location: Due to the infrastructure and great planning in Singapore, it is really easy to get to your favourite shopping destinations. Orchard Road is a synch to reach – it only depends on which end you want to start at because it is peppered with MRT stops along the way. My suggestion would be you take the North-South MRT line and get down at Stop Number 23 which is Somerset and work your way down from there.

Day 2: A Little Bit of Culture at Chinatown

Of course, you will find that Singaporeans would be predominantly Chinese. However, if you want to taste a little bit of the Chinese culture, then you should definitely head down to Chinatown. Certain areas have been buffed up for tourists’ general enjoyment but the more adventurous would be interested to know that the road less travelled does yield more exciting rewards in this particular area. When it comes to food, Chinatown has it all. I would certainly recommend Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice which is located at the Maxwell Centre.

If you are planning to stay on well into the night at Chinatown, then you can be sure to enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore at its best. If you want a general view of the whole area, then the rooftop bar at the Scarlet Hotel is a definite must. A word of caution though – if you do want to patron this place, be sure to go there as early as possible because it is generally packed even on weeknights.

Location: Just look for the Chinatown station on the North East line of the MRT and exit via Pagoda Street and you will soon find yourself in the thick of things on this beautiful street.

Day 3: Scenic Riverside Experience

Well, you’ve been right smack in the middle of the city and you’ve experienced a taste of culture. Now, what is left to do but to enjoy the gentle river breeze by Clarke Quay. That is not to say that you will be bored out of your mind! Rather, this is the place to indulge in shopping and eating because shops and restaurants abound. If you are there during the weekend, you really do not want to miss the Sunday market because this is where you get a wide variety of products and little trinkets. Anything might tickle your fancy at this market, that is for sure.

Now, one place in particular that you should really stay up for is the Forbidden City. This themed-restaurant club is based after the gorgeous palatial original in China – and once you step into the Forbidden City, you really feel as you are transported back in time and place.

Location: Be adventurous and take the River Taxi to Clarke Quay. Just get down the Raffles Place MRT station and follow the directions. Alternatively, if you feel like walking, you can always stop at the Clarke Quay station.

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