Hampton Roads Cruise Vacations in 2011

The new year bring many different traveling choices for Hampton Roads residents.

2010 marked a comeback of sorts for the cruise travel industry which had been reeling under the recession. The comeback is likely to continue in 2011 as several anniversaries and events are lined up all over the world for 2011. Now is a good time to look at a Hampton Roads cruise vacation that may take you to one of these events. London for example, is sure to be crowded with millions of visitors from all over the world coming in to celebrate Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton. Alaska is gaining a great deal of attention from the TLC TV series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Less happy is towards the end of the year when New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. specifically commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Cruise travel has always been associated with retirees and honeymooners looking to spend some time together. But the cruise travel industry has truly reinvented itself to include great cruise packages for every group from single cruise vacations, all inclusive group cruise vacations, and even family cruise vacations. In fact there are a number of travel experts in Williamsburg who specialize exclusively in Hampton Roads cruise vacations. You could choose to go to exotic locales like Alaska, Mexico, or the Mediterranean, or perhaps try a European river cruise on the Rhine, the Seine, or the Danube. There are many, many beautiful river cruises to choose from. If you like to get into the Christmas spirit, you might be interested in the river cruises that target several Christmas markets in Austria and Germany.

There is so much activity lined up for the international travel enthusiast, cruise ship companies are not being left behind! With the Disney Dream cruise ship begins sailing January 26, and the “Allure of the Seas” is adding amenities like a 3-D theater, and the first Romero Britto store at sea, your cruise choices abound.

Cruise travelers, mindful of their budget, must plan early. Travel agencies often offer discounts to customers who book ahead. So if you’ve planned for a Hampton Roads European cruise vacations, make sure you book early. Booking through a travel agent as opposed to booking directly gives you an advantage as travel agents often have information such as price changes, exclusive offers which help you to make a well informed choice. Of course, you can book through the internet, but make sure you compare costs with an experienced travel agent before deciding on the ideal package.

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