Hotel Italia Is A Great Place To Stay In Italy

Italy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and diverse countries to visit in Europe, it has the spectacular snow capped mountains of the north to the beautiful Mediterranean coasts and fishing villages of the south. Italy is the birth place of such famous geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci and Michael Angelo. Rome, Italy’s most famous city was the ancient capital of one of the mightiest empires in history and is still the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and its leader the Pope.

One could spend a lifetime traveling and enjoying the pleasures of this great country and the company of its warm affectionate people. Rome is of course an important place to start your adventure and for a Roman holiday the Hotel Italia is a wonderful place to stay. This hotel is in a great location for visiting the famous historic spots of Rome. The Hotel is also very clean and presentable and gives you a great Italian buffet breakfast to start the day. The average price of a room is around 60 Euros so it is also a very good price for a nice place to stay in Roam.

Tuscany is a beautiful area to visit and travel to after Roam. The Hotel Italia Siena is a nice hotel to stay at in Tuscany. Siena is a beautiful medieval town with quaint streets and a beautiful town square. From here you can explore the local countryside and experience the culinary delights and wine tasting of the region.

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