How to Plan and Have a Stress Free Wedding!

Is it possible to plan a stress free wedding, you are wondering? You heard me right. Unheard of you say! Not at all. I’ll show you a simple and affordable way to remove many of the factors from the wedding that cause you stress.

The cost of a wedding, as we all know can be one of the largest factors that contribute to a rising stress level. Since planning a free wedding is out of the question for most of us, let’s consider some of the things you can do to manage the costs.

Why not start by choosing a location that’s fun and inexpensive? Here in Southern California, we actually have a free place to be married! The beaches in California are public and if you have less than 25 people, you don’t even need to have a permit. Coronado Beach is one of the most beautiful and sought after locations in the United States. In fact, the Travel Channel named it the number one destination wedding site in the United States. Think of it, no church to decorate… no pew bows, no flower arrangements……you have the sound of the surf and beautiful sand right at your feet.

We’ve eliminated the church, hall or hotel, and we’ve significantly reduced the number of guests. You’ve made two huge strides towards having a stress free day. Only your very closest friends and family are now part of your day.

You will need an officiant, a marriage license, a pretty dress, a couple of rings and some beautiful flowers for a bouquet. You’re set… I promise. Can you feel the wedding stress melting away? You’re on track to a stress free wedding. After the ceremony on the beach, a nice little dinner somewhere close by, or if it’s in the morning, a brunch.

You can call it a 21st century elopement. Nothing like climbing out the window and down the trellis in the middle of night. I mean a 21st century planned wedding elopement. With all the style and grace of the largest wedding around.

You can find elopement packages online at many destinations, you may even be able to combine your wedding, honeymoon and vacation all in one. So consider finding a nice warm stress free destination and elope.

For one of the most stress free and beautiful locations you might want to consider Coronado beach, it’s one of the most picturesque beaches around.

Elope San Diego offers a stress free, boutique style San Diego beach wedding celebration for groups of 25 or fewer on the most beautiful beaches around. Coronado Elopement packages include the officiant, photographer, flowers and valet parking for the bride and groom.

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