Huangshan Mountain

Mt. Huangshan, commonly known as the Yellow Mountains, is one of the famous mountains in China. Located in Anhui province, a neighboring town to Hangzhou and Shanghai, the Yellow Mountain extends across Shexian, Yixian, Taiping and Xiuning. It was formerly known as Yishan Mountains in the era of the Qing Dynasty until it was renamed as Huangshan after the legendary Huang Di, a reputable Chinese ancestor who created the magic pills for immortality.

Mount Huangshan is not only known for its beauty and magnificence but also for its abundance of natural resources and plant species which also makes it an important botanical research center in China. Because of this, it has been listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site.

Mount Huangshan is known for its high peaks where you can stand on the summit and look at its neighboring peaks which create a scene of dwarfed hills as they merge into one shade of color leaving you breathless and awestruck.

It is said that the best time to climb Mt. Huangshan is in spring; the blooms of the exotic flowers decorate the hills and slopes with different colors and fragrance. In autumn, the mountains are beautifully decorated with red and purple blossoms while winter leaves the mountain covered with frost and ice with silver boughs and rocks around. Summer beautifies Mount Huangshan with pine shades everywhere as the dashing waterfalls contrast with the crystal clear waters from the mountain streams.

Mt. Huangshan is greeted by tourists all year round as they come to explore the mystery of the peaks and admire the scenery it creates. The four wonders of the Yellow Mountain which makes it strikingly beautiful are the: Strange Pines found in every corner of the mountain;

Grotesque Rocks with their vivid names and inscriptions based on some legend, the collection of these rocks turn the Yellow Mountains into a museum of natural sculptures; Sea of Clouds covering the peaks and; Hot Springs of Mount Huangshan is not only suitable for bathing but also serves as a form of herbal bath for curing various types of diseases.

This site is a great place for adventure lovers who want to spend some time away from the noisy and bustling streets of Shanghai. To get to the Yellow Mountains from Shanghai, a 2 hour bus ride would bring you to Hangzhou where you can board a 5 hour bus to take you to the bottom of Mount Huangshan.

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