Interesting Things to Do During Your Isle of Wight Holidays

The IOW is an Island paradise that you can visit during weekends or during your holiday vacations. Isle of Wight holidays are excellent days to spend with your loved ones. You can never get bored with the holidays because there are a plethora of superb endeavours that you can join and explore. Staying in one of the cottages would also make you vacation perfect. This is because the Island is conducive to a diverse list of sports, educational tours, inland visits and beach activities. If you are looking for something to do during your Isle of Wight holidays, the following can serve as interesting endeavours.

Visit the Glory Art Glass Studio

This studio is different from any other you have known because it features, not painting or drawing but unique glass artistry. The art glass items are delicate and attractive in their complexity and simplicity. From any of the cottages, you can take the short trip to this incredible studio and watch how glass can be made into intricate works of art. You can watch as skilful and talented artists create masterpieces of art glasses before your very own eyes. You would surely marvel at how delicate the items are created and would appreciate each one of them because of the talent, skill and time that was put into their creation. You can buy any of the excellent glass art items to serve as a memento during your holidays. The experience offers an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to witness artistry at its best.

Visit the Sandown Zoo

This Isle of Wight Zoo can be conveniently visited from the Isle of Wight cottages. You can take the short trip to the popular zoo of the island and admire the endangered animals as they romp in their environment. You can watch spiders, snails, monkeys, lemurs and cats in their natural habitat. It would be a real treat for your family and friends. The Isle of Wight is ideal for spending bonding time with your family. The zoo also offers all types of fauna that are endangered. Your children and friends would love watching the animals go about their usual “chores.” You would appreciate the beauty of nature once you get to observe the zoo animals. The zoo also offers magnificent background for the animals and for viewers who would want to take pictures for the sake of posterity. Remember however to book one of the Isle of Wight cottages to ensure that there will be a comfortable and elegant place for you to stay once you get there. Booking early may also entitle you to discounts or certain privileges.

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