Is Ty Coughlin’s Reverse Funnel System a Scam?

This article is going to provide you some quick, straight to the point information about Ty Coughlin’s Reverse Funnel System home based business. A business opportunity that has been positively reviewed by thousands of people.

The Reverse Funnel System (RFS) is a funded proposal marketing website for the business opportunity provided by Global Resorts Network. When you buy the luxury travel membership offered by the company, you also have the opportunity to sell the product, which has proven it’s worth over the last 21 years. The RFS focuses on the business opportunity side of things.

A funded proposal system works like this. First, a prospect visits the web site’s lead capture page. They get a little bit of information and decide to opt-in, or fill out a short form with name and email address to see more information. At this point a larger portion of the business is revealed, but not everything. If you are interested, you are then asked to pay a $50 application fee, to apply to the business and see the rest of the information. Finally, you are presented with the product. In this case, the luxury travel membership.

The point of the funded proposal system is to provide the most qualified prospects for you to work with. Asking for the $50 fee saves marketers a lot of time because they won’t have to deal with all the “tire kickers” who aren’t ready to make a commitment to the business. The reports say the system is converting at about 35{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} or higher on the back end. This number is amazing for a system that takes people completely out of the process.

My end review of the business is that it does convert at very high levels. It does weed out the tire kickers through the funded proposal. It does walk prospect through the sales process while leaving people out. This system is the best home based business I have come across to date. Period. Ty Coughlin and the Inner Circle say all you have to do is drive traffic to the site and the system will do the sales work for you because Systems work, People fail. They are 100{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} correct.

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