Kyoto Japan -5 Fantastic Things to Do Where Traditional Japanese Culture Blends With Modern Miracles

Japanese society, being an intriguing mix of the old and the new, is one of the many reasons to visit Japan and find out more about Japanese culture and history.

One of the most popular tourist destinations is Kyoto Japan, an ancient city that was fortunate to have escaped the bombing during World War II. Its architectural glory has remained intact and Kyoto history can visually unwind before your eyes.

Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, is renowned for its wealth of shrines and temples. There are so many that you will need several vacations if you wanted to visit them all.

And because there are so many possible things to do you should be quite selective in planning your itinerary.

You may want to enjoy exploring the region and absorbing Kyoto history either on a bicycling or a walking tour.

The railway station in Kyoto Japan

Ironically, if you arrive by train, the first image you will see in this ancient city is a very modern structure.

The railway station itself in Kyoto Japan is huge and worth exploration in its own right. If you take the escalators up to the top you will go above roof level and enjoy spectacular views of the city from the viewing area.

This, the most important link in Japan’s railway system, was opened in 1997.

Within the 15-story complex you will find a shopping center, a hotel, a department store and a cinema.

And, yes, there’s even a helipad.

If you’re traveling on a budget you can easily find numerous accommodations.

The Ryokan Guest Houses

The Ryokan Guest Houses, which are very popular, present the traditional side of Kyoto Japan.

Within them you’ll find tatami floors and shoji screen doors, true symbols of Japanese culture.

Their furnishings are simple yet comfortable.

There are also a number of other guest houses, hostels, and budget hotels for business travelers as well as tourists.

Toji Temple

Toji Temple should be high on everyone’s list of things to see.

It’s Japans tallest wooden structure and has the largest pagoda of any in Japan on its grounds.

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle is one of the finest examples of a castle in Japan and it also is in Kyoto Japan.

The castle is comprised of a large moat, various gardens, two tea houses, buildings, and beautiful cherry trees.

Nijo Castle was completed almost 400 years ago, in 1626, and was given to the city in 1939.

The Kyoto International Manga Museum

The Kyoto International Manga Museum is one of the more unusual attractions you might want to visit.

The museum is the home of a collection of 200,000 comic books.

Realize that Manga Comics are a central part of Japanese culture and you’ll see not only why they have become popular in the west as well, but also why you might want to read some of them on your visit to the Manga Museum.

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