Luxury Caribbean Holidays For Couples

The region of Caribbean has emerged as one of the ideal places for spending your holidays. It is not only suitable for families and individuals but perfect for couples too. In fact, it is ranked as the best place for couples to spend their honeymoon.

The Caribbean is not just the name of one place, it is whole region that has more than 7,000 islands, cays and reefs. Therefore, it gets quite difficult to choose which island to visit. The most popular destinations are Bermuda, Cuba, Cayman Islands, St. John, Guadeloupe, Saint Vincent etc. The options are limitless, in a place that has been compared to heavens.

The Caribbean is a tropical area. The weather remains the same throughout the year. It is pleasant and warm so best suited for couples comparing to the cold areas. However, anyone who wants to share some cosy moments with his or her partner in privacy of the clear blue skies, Caribbean is the place to be.

You can have a cruising trip around the Caribbean. This will enable you to visit several islands in a go, or you can just choose to relax on the white sands of the Caribbean. Sunbath all day long or swim in the clear blue waters, the choice is yours.

You can have a lot of fun by indulging in water sports like diving, snorkelling, yachting, sailing, and kayaking etc. If you are interested in marine life, Caribbean lets you watch it closely through a submarine trip that takes you around 500m under seawater. More adventurous would be swimming with the dolphins.

The people of Caribbean enjoy carnivals and festivals. You will have a great time here by participating in these festivities. If your partner is a music lover, surprise her by taking her to see Bob Marley’s birthplace in Reggae, Jamaica. Nightlife at Caribbean is thriving. If you are a nightlife enthusiast, Caribbean will surprise you by its unique bars, clubs, and restaurants.

The best part of your holidays will be traditional Caribbean cuisine and shopping. You will find the true taste of seafood while being at the Caribbean. Apart from that, since the Caribbean is home to diverse cultures, you will find cuisines from every corner of the world. Shopping is the best part because totally it is duty free. You can find everything from clothing and shoes to native handicrafts. You two can enjoy the traditional plantations at the Caribbean that will give you a true taste of the history of the Caribbean.

These are activities that a couple must relish, and without which, the trip will not be complete. You will get a taste of the life in 18th and 19th century here. Whether it is a private picnic on an inhabited island, or a hike through a dense rainforest, morning walks on the sandy beaches or swimming through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, you will have the most fantastic time of your life here. A holiday that you two will remember for times to come is waiting in Caribbean.

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