The Best Areas To Backpack

Backpacking adventures give you many options to explore and people have different reasons or ways of travelling. Some will explore many countries and some will explore one country. Whatever you choose, backpacking is a fabulous experience and it is great way to see the different cultures and countries. The most important thing when you are backpacking is to get travel insurance. This is important as it will cover you for any issues you may experience when travelling to different countries. This will cover you for flights, injuries and any other issues when travelling. Here is a summary of the different destinations you could explore when you are thinking about travelling.

South east Asia – This is a great destination for first time backpackers. The cost of living is cheap so you can stick to a budget and transportation is readily available so you will have no problems accessing all parts. The most popular places in South east Asia are Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia. This is because of the attractions that they have to offer such as the beaches, the markets, the temples and the culture.

India and Nepal – These two destinations can be covered together in one trip. India is the most challenging places to travel as it can give backpackers a bit of a culture shock at first but is a fantastic place to visit once you get used to it. Many backpackers re-visit India because of its fantastic attractions. It has the beautiful beaches of Goa, historical sites and the hiking trials. It is also one of the cheapest places to travel as it is cheap in and around the country. Nepal is also a common place to visit and is a bit more relaxed. Nepal’s offers treks over Everest Base camp and further.

Central America – This is a brilliant place to visit if you are backpacking as it has great places such as Costa Rica. It is a fantastic choice for first time backpackers as it is cheap to visit. It has beautiful sandy beaches and La Fortuna is a lovely little town which offers activities such as rafting and zip-lining.

Europe – This destination is a great to visit as it offers such a wide variety of activities to suit everyone’s interests. The most recommended and popular cities to visit are Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Athens, Budapest and Prague. Although Europe can be expensive, backpackers can buy an inclusive ticket to help keep to a budget. There is plenty to see and do with a number of famous attractions in every city.

Australia and New Zealand – Both destinations are the most popular places to travel and usually are done on a long single trip. The attraction of both Australia and New Zealand is that they are known for their national parks, beaches, desert sunsets and their brilliant cities. Most travellers choose to backpack there for a long period of time and when they are doing this they choose to work as they travel and get a working visa.

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