The Best Before-Wedding Party Ideas for Adventurous Brides

If you are planning a bachelorette party for your best friend and she is an adventure loving damsel, you should plan her bachelorette party in a not so regular way. Select something meaningful that can make her happy. Below are the fun and adventurous ideas to make your friend’s last days of single-hood memorable.

Go hiking: Grab on the backpacks and pick the hiking stick. Your friend will not mind pulling the laces of her hiking shoes. This is what she wants instead of a party bang at some night club. If the bride to be is an adventure lover who has that extra something for mountains and valleys, there is nothing which can beat the fun of the all-girls hiking trip to the mountain she loves. You can plan a day hike or stay in the mountain top on tents or just make it more beautiful with hammocks. Have bonfire, sing her favorite songs and have some rum to keep the party warm. Camping in a jungle after a sweaty hiking is something special to her, so make her feel on the top of the world.

Motorbike trip: Women are adventurous and they love to test their limits. If the bride to be is a motor cycle enthusiast, there can be nothing as thrilling as taking her on an overnight motorbike trip followed by a grand dinner and drinks session for everyone. Leather jackets, knee pads, helmets and rugged denim, if this is what defines your friend, she will be more than happy and excited about her bachelorette rather than a dinner at a fancy restaurant. She is a person who loves the road more than the dance floor, so plan out with her fellow biker babes and rest who cannot ride can be the pillion riders. It will be fun for everyone.

Jeep safari: There are no limits for adventure enthusiasts, if you girls want to give your friend an adventurous farewell to her single status, take her to a jeep safari. It can be to a national park or any forest area where you can enjoy the jeep safari altogether. It will be fun and memorable time for everyone.

Bungee jumping: Give the bride to be an adrenal rush, go bungee jumping together. You can also plan sky diving or para gliding. It is a great way giving your friend the best memories and make her day special.

Rock climbing: If rock climbing is something that makes the bride to be happy, plan a trip for rock climbing and rappelling. There is nothing as challenging as this activity. If you all are trained in the field, you can choose a rock and make the base yourself. You can play games like, who touches the top first, gets the chance to decide the drinks for night or who reaches the first ledge in minimum seconds, gets the chance to decide the menu. You can also give prizes to the one who climbs fastest or makes the base fastest. If you are not trained, you can hire the adventure company for the entire day and enjoy climbing and rappelling.

Rafting river: River rafting is one such activity, every woman will enjoy. Let the splashes of the river fall on the face and body, the flow of ripples and river stream will add fun and extra adventure to the bachelorette. Not everyone will be thrilled with this idea, but your adventurous friend will love it.

Horse riding: Plan it out with rest of your friends and book a luxury guest house where you can enjoy horse riding. Enjoy the cow-girl experience throughout the day. Later you can go to the spa after the all-girls sweaty horse riding session to relax.

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