Travel Slanket – The Perfect Travel Companion

The Slanket

For those not that familiar with the Slanket and what it is let me explain in a little more detail. Introduced to the UK late in 2008 and following becoming a big hit over the Christmas period with short demand and limited stock through the period the slanket is the ultimate item for lounging around the house or keeping warm in those winter months.  

Think of a large blanket that you can wrap around yourself and add large sleeves to it, this is the basic concept of the slanket. Available in a range of colours and sizes (both adults and kids versions are also available) the slanket is perfect for all those student types around the world that don’t get up till midday and then spend the rest of the day around the house not getting dressed.  

Or if your one to snuggle up in front of the tv at night watching dvds then the slanket is great for you also. Not only can you keep comfy and warm but you will still have freedom to move your arms to grab the remote and change channel or eat /drink something.  

Travel Slanket  

A new introduction into the slanket family is the travel slanket.  Also available in a range of colours and priced around the same as the kids slanket the travel slanket comes with it’s own bag and is more compact and lightweight in comparison to the full size adult slanket. The travel slanket is perfect for taking on your holidays.  It not only fits in your hand luggage but also replaces the need to buy a blanket on the plane to keep warm, if your on a night flight then what more could you possibly need!  You will still be able to stay warm and comfy yet be able to change the channel on the tv, eat your in flight meal and have any drinks or sweets and snacks.  

What will those makers of the slanket think of next to keep ahead of the competition.

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