Travel to Spain – Enjoy a Spring Day in Barcelona

One of the most fashionable and cosmopolitan European cities is Barcelona, the right place to enjoy a spring day walking through its magnificent streets, shopping or finding a Barcelona holiday apartment. Yes, after your arrival at this gorgeous city it is more likely you will want to stay, so finding an accommodation in Barcelona is a must.

On your next visit to Spain, check with your travel agent for possibilities in receiving both cheap international plane tickets and Barcelona apartment rental facilities, including home-stay with selected families of the best neighborhoods, or live in a fully equipped Barcelona holiday apartment.

For those who prefer home-stay, the packages usually include breakfast and dinner with the family, while the Barcelona apartment rental does not include any meal options. Cheap international plane tickets in addition to a home-stay in the city are usually marketed as “Student Packages” but anyone can take these specials.

In fact, the advantage of an accommodation in Barcelona with a local family gives people the opportunity to learn Spanish and the regional culture. Either some packages include expressly a series of intensive Spanish Lessons at home-stay or local institutes groups per levels, and includes all course materials and Internet facilities.

From the perspective of a Barcelona holiday apartment, you can enjoy the historic treasures of the city, or simply relax after spending a spring day at any of the beaches nearby, such as Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella and Barceloneta, all around the Olympic village and marina undertaken for the 1992 Olympics, including its popular symbol “Naranjito” (little orange)

An accommodation in Barcelona next to these installations include beautiful sights of the Mediterranean sea, but also the amenities of the beaches and facilities such as disabled access, sun beds, showers and lifeguards in season time. Locals have made an Olympic effort maintaining the pristine cleanliness of both sand and sea after the Olympics games.

Whichever your choice, booking in advance round cheap international plane tickets and Barcelona apartment rental, is a must since Barcelona is one of the most wanted tourist destinations in Spain, with a number of attractions ranging from the best museums and historical routes, to beaches excursions and water sports.

Pick up services at the city’s airport on arrival and departure dates are usually included with your accommodation in Barcelona, with bilingual support wherever you go, and particularly if you are traveling to learn the language through a supervised program or at home-stay.

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