Visit the Sriracha Tiger Show in Pattaya

One of the best known attractions in Pattaya is the Srirach Tiger Zoo. Located a short thirty minute drive from the center of the city, the attraction fascinates visitors with it’s large collection of exotic animals.

Placed on over 100 Rai, or acres, the zoo is home to Bengal tigers, crocodiles, pigs, chimps, and a wide variety of other animals. It boasts one of the largest collect of tigers and crocodiles in Thailand at 200 and 100,000 respectively.

Their are plenty of fun and entertaining things to do there. You can observe the tigers in their environment, watch performers put on the legendary tiger show, and get your picture taken seated next to a tiger or holding a cub.

In addition to all the activities surrounding the tigers, there is also an unbelievable show where the Thai crocodile handlers pull off some amazing feats. You can witness them put their heads inside the animals jaws and kiss the crocs on the mouth.

After enjoying the show, visitors can wander through the lush tropical garden on site. One could almost spend an entire day on the grounds looking at the beautiful assortment of flowers and rare plants.

There are plenty of opportunities to to eat and drink on the grounds. The tiger zoo has a wide variety of restaurants catering to a mix of tastes. You can find European, American, Korean, and Thai restaurants.

One of the side show attractions that has become quite popular is the Scorpion Queen. She sits all day with hundreds of scorpions crawling over her clothing. It makes for a great photo opportunity.

The Sriracha Tiger farm is at the top of the list for things to see in Pattaya. It is a very entertaining day trip that visitors should definitely see on their trip to Thailand.

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