White Water Rafting in Tennessee

Thrill and excitement awaits every traveler who dares to paddle and scream via White Water Rafting Tennessee. Tennessee isn’t just the seat of America’s music. It is also a widely visited eco-tourism due to its sea adventure packages. If you are up for breathtaking vacation, you fly or sail your way toward the humble state of Tennessee.

White Water Rafting Tennessee particularly on the Ocoee River, where the 1996 Olympics took place, has become a popular summer getaway among Americans and visiting tourists. Family groups, friends and couples are all attracted to the splash of white waters enjoyed in any of the Ocoee River adventures. Travel agencies offer rafting adventure packages that suit both young and old adventurers. Mind you, the Ocoee River made a buzz when it hosted the slaloming, kayaking and canoeing events of the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Being home to one of America’s Top 10 Rivers Ocoee River, Tennessee takes pride of White Water Rafting Tennessee adventures. Making it more exhilarating is the outdoor exploration on the smoky mountains and spectacular trip on the Pigeon River that stretches from North Carolina. All Tennessee rafting trips are assisted by professional tour guides to ensure safety of rafters.

For a smoky mountain trek and water rafting adventure combined in one, don’t hesitate to consult the online travel sites to book your White Water Rafting Tennessee adventure package. Experience rock climbing and rappelling on mountain walls. Be excited to do a river tubing float trip down the Ocoee River and be challenged to take your teambuilding skills to the next level through Tennessee’s course in roping. All these are experienced at any season of the year.

The Ocoee River affords travelers two segregated areas of large drops, surging whitewater and big waves. Get hold of your boat helmets and scream at the top of your voices as you kayak and canoe with White Water Rafting Tennessee experience. It is widely accepted that Ocoee River has the most unremitting stretch of Class 3 and 4 of white water in any river in the United States. Hence, it was the chosen co-host to the 1996 Olympics.

The rafting guides in White Water Rafting Tennessee are trained and experienced to get you on the go without harm. You will be stirred and steered as you paddle through heart-pounding rapids like Broken Nose, Slingshot and Slice N’ Dice. For beginners in rafting, this five mile river trip seems longer but certainly exciting. Avid goers are attracted to do the same adventure over and over again. It’s a year-round travel itinerary that anybody can block off in their calendars especially on summertime. You have the option to take the river trip alone, or perhaps linger for more days in Tennessee by checking in at camping cabins, motels, pavilions and bunkhouses.

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