Denmark – A Magical Land

A magical land surrounded by mystical tales of majestic castles, little mermaids, vikings, delicious pastries, and beautiful beaches. Denmark has it all – from the Tivoli Gardens to popular beaches to Legoland – there is always something for people of all ages. The Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest and southernmost of the five Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark) if its offshore territories – Greenland and the Faroe Islands – are excluded. Its regions include Jutland, the mainland peninsula located north of Germany, as well as Zealand, Funen and Bornholm, three of the major islands located in the Baltic Ocean.

Where to Go

Copenhagen, the capital, is located in the island of Zealand. This city has evolved into a well-developed cosmopolitan city beyond your wildest imagination. Considered as the hub for international traffic, business, development and education, Copenhagen is home to 1.7 million people – 7{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} of which come from other countries. The city offers plenty of activities for everyone. Those who like swimming will enjoy the clean waters of the Copenhagen Harbour and all the public beaches that offer diving, wind-surfing, kayaking, grilling and bonfires. Denmark is a culture that embraces biking and the environment, therefore you will find that bikes can be rented for free all throughout Copenhagen. You can bike to the site of the little mermaid – a beautiful sculpture based on a popular fairytale that has also become the symbol of Denmark. You can also bike to museums, castles, gardens, shopping, restaurants, and cafes. One of the most popular theme parks in Denmark is the Tivoli Gardens, which features all kinds of rides, activities, and pop/rock concerts.

The rest of North Zealand features beautiful castles and forests. One of the most famous castles, Kronborg, also known as Hamlet’s castle is located in Elsinore. Every summer the Shakespearean play is reenacted at the castle. The region of South Zealand, Lolland, Falster & Møn is one of the most beautiful and peaceful in Denmark. This region offers wonderful castles and manor houses – the island of Lolland for example has Ålholm Castle (Denmark’s largest car museum) and Knuthenborg (Northern Europe’s largest wildlife park). Beautiful bathing beaches are found everywhere throughout these islands. The region of West Zealand boasts a beautiful scenery with fjords, harbours, islets and bathing beaches.

Jutland offers a beautiful scenery that includes the northern region bordering the foaming North Sea, the eastern region with its forests and beaches located near the city of Århus, and the southern region with its rolling hills and amazing fjords. Jutland also offers a variety of activities from Legoland, a popular Lego theme park located in Billund to Vikings Museums near Århus to modern restaurants and cafes.

What to Eat

The worldwide famous Danish pastries are just one of the specialties of Denmark. From open face sandwiches to Danish meat balls to red sausages, Denmark has a great variety of traditional and modern food. New Danish cuisine have influences from Italy, France, Germany and Asia. If you are in the mood for international food, you will be able to easily find Sushi, Kabobs, Shawarma, Pad Thai among other items. If you are on a budget, you will be able to find fast food places, pizza places, burger bars, sausage wagons, and the ever-popular 7-11.

Visas & Documents

Citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, and EU countries do not need a visa to travel to Denmark – only their passport. Citizens of certain countries must apply for a short-term visa to visit Denmark. Schengen Visa holders may not need to apply for another visa.

Further information can be provided by the Consulate of Denmark in your country of residence.

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