Massage Therapy Careers in the United States

Massage therapy careers are very productive. In 2008, there were more than one hundred and twenty massage therapists in the United States of America. 58{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} of these therapists were self-employed and 42{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} worked in different industries. The self-employed therapists mostly had their own spas. On the other hand, 43{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} of those who worked in different industries were in the personal care business; 17{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} were in healthcare facilities and offices; and the remaining percentage worked within amusement, recreational, and travel businesses. These careers are expected to grow by approximately 19{44a078424742dc1a02d81196d7ed9a3febd6a9fd43ddaad8ab5be90c9033c579} since 2008 until 2018.

Massage therapy careers pay fairly well. In 2009, the average salary of massage therapists was $39,780 annually. Medium-earners earn about $23,550 to $51,750 each year. Low-earners earn about $17,269 or less. Top-earners make more than $68,670 each year. Usually, they work on an hourly basis. Some of them only work part-time. Aside from their regular salaries, they also make extra money through gratuities or tips. However, in certain places such as clinic offices and hospitals, tips are not given. This is compensated, nonetheless, with higher salaries. So, the massage therapists who work in specialty hospitals make an average of about $55,100 every year. On the other hand, massage therapists working on cruise ships earn depending on how many services and products they were able to sell. Hence, they usually make around $200 to $800 per week. Sometimes, they also earn more if there are plenty of customers as well as tips. During stopovers, they can get some side work at the ports, as well.

If you want to have a career in massage therapy, you must have an accredited certificate and undergo training. Your level of training as well as the coursework of your study will depend on your preference. You can choose to specialize in shiatsu, aromatherapy, somatic education, Chinese medical massage, myofascial release, and cranial sacral therapy. You can also study various topics essential in massage therapy such as anatomy, reflexology, physiology, mediation, meridian pathways, and pressure application. It will be better if you can have more than one area of specialty. This will enable you to climb up the career ladder faster.

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